"The shirt was wonderful and as if made for me. I felt comfortable and elegant at once. So I decided to buy it and subvert the project in the first place. Why not have and possess the piece if it suited me so well?? Yet the whole concept is based on sharing, giving and not possessing. After I grasped the idea I loved it. I find it as an alternative to mainstream fashion and capitalist driven society. So yes, shirting is the right thing to do. "


… the reason
_ overproduction, overconsumption and underappreciation of clothes
_ unethical and nonecological fashion industry practice
_ the fashion industry perpetuates exploitation of cheap and overseas production
_ being pushed into an immediate and constant consumption of clothes
_ uninspired clothing
… our response
_ creation of a social object – a shirt – that connects designers and users directly
_ a sustainable clothing model that employs environment-friendly methods and concepts
_ a process that creates an opportunity for a different type of community
_ a community that rethinks and revalues the accepted fashion norms
_ creating relationships outside of the logic of consumerism
_ a network of different values and ways of being created through an item of clothing
_ slow and socially responsible fashion with ethics and transparency & simplicity
_ fostering a personal relationship towards clothing
_ raising awareness through development of new practices
_ no ownership – no one actually owns the shirt … each user only takes care and responsibility for it


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