1. the fashion industry perpetuates the exploitation of cheap and overseas production

2. overproduction, overconsumption and underappreciation of clothes

3. unethical and nonecological fashion industry practice

4. being pushed into an immediate and constant consumption of clothes uninspired clothing


1. we’ve created a shirt – social object – that connects designers and users directly

2. no ownership – no one actually owns the shirt … each user only takes care and responsibility for it

3. fostering a personal relationship towards clothing

4. revaluating the accepted fashion norms

5. creating relationships outside of the logic of consumerism

6. raising awareness through the development of new practices

7. practising of environment-friendly methods and concepts

8. slow and socially responsible fashion with ethics and transparency

9. opportunity for an alternative type of community

… and BEST OF ALL … SIMPLICITY made in 3 simple steps:

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