… shirting works in practice

...   shirting… edition is presented in a public open event / launching   ...   each edition includes one or more designers that design a shirt that suits different body types and sizes   ...   the shirt is given to the first wearer / shirter   ...   shirter is wearing the shirt for a specific period of time / shirting   ...   current user contacts the person which will wear the shirt next   ...   the process repeats itself

… to participate?

_ to participate fill in the shirtlist… form

_ write down the shirt_id of the shirt you wish to wear
_ current wearer will contact you to pass on the shirt
_ read the terms & conditions of shirting…

… to complete shirting… experience?

_ to complete your shirting… experience fill in the  shirting… universal form

_ add 3-5 photos of you wearing a shirt
_ contact next wearer
_ choose another shirt you wish to wear


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