_ Launch of shirting 10
march 18, 2018
_ location / Auroville, India

sh 07 img fotka-72shirting 10 is the tenth edition of shirting… and the second edition that was launched abroad, this time in india. upasana, located in auroville, southern india, has designed 5 unique shirts, made from organic cotton with a powerful local identity. these shirts will be made available to a local community to wear – to shirt – to experience. launching took place on march 18th 2018 as a part of a 2-day event – the conscious fashion hub, organised by upasana … see more

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_ shirting… was awarded as the best startup of 2017

october 10, 2017

shirting… was awarded with “the best startup of the year in the field of creative and cultural industries – Chimera projectsee more



_ workshop / shirting… london-ljubljana

september 9, 2017
_location / City Art Gallery of Ljubljana and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, OTGO, Ljubljana

The first part of workshop was led by dr. Barbara Predan, docent at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and London designer and Professor at Goldsmiths, University of London Ruby Hoette. The second part of the workshop was hosted by Petra Windschnurer, Fashion and Beauty Editor at Elle Slovenija magazine and photo session by Marijo Županov.
workshop was supported by british council slovenia, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, OTGO, University of Ljubljana and Elle Sloveniasee more



_ Sip – shirting info point in ljubljana

august 17 – september 17, 2017
_location / City Art Gallery of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

On august 17, 2017 we launched first sip – shirting info point in Ljubljana. the project was a part of accompanying program of the 25th Biennial of Design at the City Gallery of Ljubljana. The aim of sip was raising awareness of the public about more responsible ways of dressing and was also a place where users could access all shirts made by Slovenian and London based designers … see more

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_ Launch of shirting 09 / shirting… london-ljubljana pt.2

august 17, 2017
_location / City Art Gallery of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

shirting 09 is the ninth edition of shirting… project and the first edition that was launched abroad – in london. with this edition we expanded the ideas and shirting… values. we invited london based designers who created unique shirts referring to local identity. we also included shirts that were made by slovenian designers, and all of them were available to london public to wear – to shirt. the whole project was presented in two exhibitions: in deptford cinema in london and in city art gallery in ljubljana where was open also first shirting info point (sip) – a location that spreads the contents and the values of the project … see more

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_ celebrating 3rd year of shirting…
july 23, 2017

ID sh06 72On this day, three years ago, shirting… sent its very first shirt to be shared – shirting 01. After 3 years … 8 editions … we collaborated with over 30 designers … who created over 50 shirts … that have been worn by over 300 shirters … and with their help shirts had traveled all over the world.
We would like to say thank you to all shirters, supporters, designers, photographers and friends of shirting… you give us the energy to move forward and keep on shirting… Shirt on !

_ shirting 09 pt.1 / shirting london-ljubljana
june 21, 2017
_ location / Deptford Cinema, london

sh 07 img fotka-72shirting… has been spreading it’s wings through shirters (people who wear shirts) all around the world and now through the first edition launched abroad – shirting… London–Ljubljana.


Shirting 09 was supported by Republic of slovenia, Ministry of culture and eliei … see more



_ team shirting… in London / Slovene Arts & Culture Residency

June 2017

sh05 video

Our monthly project of the first part of shirting 09 / shirting… london-Ljubljana.
Shirting 09 was supported by Republic of slovenia, Ministry of culture


_ video / shirting 05 … by thecollective

January 11, 2017

sh05 video

Shirting 05 is the fifth edition of Shirting… project, that was publicly presented in an art gallery Kresija in Ljubjana, Slovenia. In this event public was invited to participate in the last stage of designing process – the Printing. Suspended from the ceiling, white boxes with textile dye were dripping colour on cube frames in which shirts were spread. By relocating or turning them the public had a chance to control/create unique prints on shirts. The shirts are now traveling among users … watch here


_ video was uploaded on vimeo. January 11, 2017



_ Launch of shirting 08

december 2, 2016
_location / The Nova Gorica City Gallery, Nova Gorica

8 new shirts designed by team shirting… were presented on 17th international festival of conteporary art practicies – pixxelpoint in nova gorica from 2nd to 9th december 2016. the edition was created specially for pixxelpoint.during the festival shirts circulated among participating artists, organizers, students and members of the broader local community and are since traveling among people … see more

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_ Launch of shirting 07
november 13, 2016
_ location / Poligon -> creative center, ljubljana

sh 07 img fotka-727 new shirts were presented on the event in Poligon -> creative center, ljubljana. seventh edition shirting 07 – “creative brain drain” deals with the issue of economic migration of gifted slovenians to foreign countries. the shirts were therefore designed by seven slovenian fashion designers who live and work abroad. During the exhibition there was organized an open discussion on “creative brain drain” and why are Slovenian young designers in search of work abroad.

Shirting 07 was supported by the city of ljubljana; production by Poligon -> creative center … see more

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_ video / shirting 07 _ creative braindrain
october 12, 2016

sh07 videovideo was made for our seventh edition of project shirting… it includes seven uniquely designed shirts that were created by seven slovenian designers who work and live abroad … watch here

_ video was uploaded on vimeo. October 12, 2016

_ video / Summer Animateka
august 14, 2016

team shirting… participated in summer slon animateka: Educational animated film programme associated with Animateka Festival. And we definitely wanted to be a part of this project … and we had so much fun! To see proof … watch here

_ video was uploaded on youtube. august 17, 2016

_ celebrating 2nd year of shirting…
july 23, 2016

ID sh06 72After 2 years … 2 awards … 6 editions … 7 photographers … more than 20 countries … 27 designers … 38 shirts … more than 62 cities … 323 wearers and counting …
Here we are now …
And we thank you for your endless support, positive feedback and your willingness to do things differently, even if just for a short period of time … With you, this project is pure J O Y !
Shirt on all year long!


_ video / OKROGLA MIZA | Oblikovanje kot katalizator sprememb

March 16, 2016

Spremembe družbene, ekonomske in politične realnosti so močno zaznamovale tudi oblikovanje. Razvoj novih tehnologij spreminja tradicionalne vloge oblikovalcev, proizvajalcev in uporabnikov. Rušijo se uveljavljeni sistemi hierarhije in pozicija oblikovalca kot absolutnega avtorja izdelkov. Po vsem svetu vznikajo projekti sodelovanja in soustvarjanja, ki nasprotujejo diktatom neoliberalistične tržne ekonomije usmerjene le v vedno večjo proizvodnjo in potrošnjo. Ti projekti pomenijo relativno novo in pomembno obliko oblikovalske prakse tudi pri nas … read more … watch here


_ video was uploaded on youtube. June 27, 2017


_ video / shirting 04 … by ph15
december 6, 2015

this video was made for edition shirting 04, which was conceptualized, designed and carried out by Slovenian designer group named pH15 … watch here

_ video was uploaded on vimeo

_ Shirting is awarded an “Achievement in Design” Award
november 13, 2015

DOS awa 72SLovenian designers society – DOS – has given shirting… an award for “over-achievement in design” – a special award that recognises special achievements in design. the ceremony was held in Cankarjev dom on November 12th, 2015. We would like to thank everyone that supports this project, either as a user or a designer or any other way, without you all, this project would not exist. Literally! 🙂 … read more

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_ Launch of shirting 06
october 15, 2015
_ location / MGLC (International Centre of Graphic Arts), ljubljana

ID sh06 726 new shirts were presented on the event in MGLC, ljubljana as a part of THE 31ST BIENNIAL OF GRAPHIC ARTS – Over you. Six prominent slovenian designers took an inspiration from slovenian artists, whose works were presented on the previous biennials of graphic arts, thus six unique interpretations of their work were created and integrated into new medium – textile. Results were astonishing … see more

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_ celebrating 1st year of shirting…
july 23, 2015

ID sh06 72… after 1 year … 1 award … 5 editions … 6 photographers … 11 countries … 21 designers … 32 shirts … 35 cities … 174 users and counting … we say: ‘thank you’
thank you for your active and selfless participation in this project that has been our focal point of past year. we took a chance, a leap of faith, and received nothing but support from you. thank you for taking this journey with us. seeing the results all of us got together makes it worthwile and keeps the flame burning.
shirting are we …

_ video / shirting… _ lucija jankovec @ tedx university of ljubljana
may 14, 2015

team mate Lucija giving a talk on ted x University of Ljubljana. all about shirting…, her work and persistence that drives her to move forward … watch here

_ video was uploaded on youtube. august 19, 2015

_ Launch of shirting 05
may 4, 2015
_ location / Galerija Kresija, Ljubljana

05 IMAGE 727 new shirts, designed by platform theCollective, were presented in galerija Kresija as an interactive event, in which the public was invited to participate in the final stage of designing – printing the shirts with the dripping colour. the shirts were afterwards given to the users that expressed their interest in participation in the project shirting… the event lasted for 18 minutes, in that time all the shits got their unique unpredictable pattern, thus making them non-repeatable, and all that through the help of the public, which they are made for in the first place … see more

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_ Launch of shirting 04
march 27, 2015
_ location / Poligon -> creative center, Ljubljana

shirting 04 _ cover 727 new shirts, designed by the designer group pH15 was presented in Poligon. The event includes an open debate about fashion sustainability and responsability that will take place on April 2, 2015 in Poligon at 18:00 … see more

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_ Award BIO 50 : NOW
january, 2015

nagradaBIO50NOWShirting 03 je prejel nagrado kot najboljši projekt spremljevalnega programa na 24. bienalu oblikovanja BIO 50 : ZDAJ.


Shirting 03 received an award for the best project on 24th Biennal of design BIO 50 : NOW in category of accompanying program.


_ launch of shirting 03 
november 5, 2014
_ location / gallery Kamera, Centre for urban culture Kino Šiška
SH03 skupna faceon display / till 9. November, 2014

nine designers. nine new shirts. nine new experiences

this time shirting has invited nine slovenian fashion designers to participate. they responded with enthousiasm and created nine different shirts, each wearing its creators specific signature … see more

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_ the launch of shirting 02
October 6, 2014


ID _028 new shirts are presented on Month of design in Ljubljana, slovenia. Shirts are designed by founder of shirting, elena Fajt, and are worn by the creative team of shirting… … see more



_ Shirting … commences / shirting 01
July 23, 2014


010101 elenaElena Fajt, the founder and innitialist of shirting …, starts wearing the shirt – shirting. the first chain of shirters begins to take shape and the project starts living … see more


_ shirting … goes public
january 7,  2014

SH01 halftoneFirst presented on Reform, exhibition of Designers Society of Slovenia, Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana … see more



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